About Us

Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering and eHealth CEBE.

The Regional Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering and eHealth (CEBE) is conceived as an institution that will provide the administrative leadership, intellectual capacity, and the resource infrastructure required to accelerate the delivery of cost-effective, technology-supported healthcare services in Rwanda and the surrounding region. The CEBE will operate in an innovation, consultancy, and service ecosystem to achieve high-impact results in support of several key health sector initiatives including medical equipment and devices, rehabilitation and mobility, and ehealth services.

Specific Objectives


To train the next generation of biomedical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, rehabilitation and mobility specialists, and health informatics professionals to be employed in public hospitals, private health care, academic and research institutions and the medical device industry.

Support & Services

Support delivery of improved medical technology, rehabilitation and ehealth services through collaboration with government and other healthcare providers.

Industry-academia partnerships

To form industry-academia partnerships to push the boundaries of knowledge on local biomedical engineering, rehabilitation and eHealth challenges, and become a powerful mechanism for innovation and economic growth.

University partnerships

To form strategic university partnerships with institutions of international standing and increase the prestige and excellence of the University of Rwanda in East Africa and globally.


To apply engineering principles and technology to medical and biological problems in health care and clinical practice, in an effort to improve treatment outcomes. Specifically, efforts will target timely and accurate diagnosis and new treatments that extend and improve quality of life, and create new business opportunities.

self-sustaining Centre

To be a self-sustaining Centre

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