One of the key expectations of CEBE is to help inspire a vibrant and competitive healthcare industry and consequently help improve the quality and affordability of healthcare services including attracting medical tourism. To this end, CEBE is being designed predominantly as an industry-oriented centre, as opposed to academic driven.

It has been identified that a lack of private companies with sufficient professional technical expertise in biomedical engineering and e-health, presents a challenge to having an effective and sustainable healthcare sector. The development of the centre under the triple helix model is to allow for the nurturing of a problem-solving ecosystem that will allow for innovation, growth and self-sustenance (8).

Therefore, strategic partnerships with international and regional industry are seen as the core business and R&D processes of CEBE. Specifically, opportunities exist in partnering with several leaders in the field of biomedical engineering such as GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Fresenius, Roche, Siemens, Philips, Abbot laboratories, ICRC, Ottobock and many others in all continents.

 Some of the benefits that collaborating with industry promises include:

  1. Hiring undergraduate students for paid internships and other co-operative employment opportunities.
  2. Joint work between senior design and student groups on innovative medical devices.
  3. Joining forces on translational research
  4. Offering specialised training for professionals
  5. Developing curricula for universities that responds to industry needs
  6. Donation of specialised equipment and tools for educational purposes
  7. Prototype testing
  8. Driving innovation and future product development.
  9. Introduction of the latest technologies/ devices and service models in the sector
  10. Field trials for medical equipment and devises.
  11. Conducting sub-contracted research for foreign research institutions/ universities collaborating with UR/CEBE
  12. Developing regional refurbishing centers
  13. Research in a broad range of fundamental and applied biomedical engineering 
  14. Provide cost-effective after-sales service solutions to support for small markets for medical equipment and devices.

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