Research and Development under CEBE is being envisioned as a central strategy of fostering innovation and driving job creation in the biomedical engineering and ehealth sector. Benefits of R&D towards the socio-economic development of populations are many. For instance, R&D in health helps introduce critical and affordable heath technologies and policy interventions that impact populations that need it the most (17). Also, R&D is important to industry companies, who get an opportunity to take advantage of research infrastructure and innovate, create new products and gain competitive advantage that opens new opportunities for their business growth (18).

To allow for effective R&D to take place, unique strategies and approaches need to be put in place so as to achieve market relevance and have an effect on the target population. Effective R&D will assist in the development of an understanding of local and regional engineering-related healthcare challenges, as well as attract local and foreign direct investment (FDI) for growth and sustainability of the sector.

To achieve this, CEBE’s strategy is to adopt the Triple Helix Model as a way to foster productive and mutually beneficial partnerships between university-industry and government

(19,20) . The goal is to create an active knowledge and innovation ecosystem where researchers, industry players, service providers, policy makers and students interact in a facilitative environment to create new knowledge and develop and test new innovations. This model is also hoped to assist student-learning become practical and relevant by having students engage in real industry projects, including participating in innovation competitions.

R&D is also seen as a key sustainability strategy for the centre where faculty researchers will be able to grow in their careers and be recognized professionally through engaging in important research work, and also be able to augment their income directly through their research and technical expertise; and through rank promotions.  

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